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Kansspelbelasting in Nederland, hoe en wat


I am sorry for writing it in English but right now I am not able to speak Dutch. 

I have a very important question because I want to move to Amsterdam next year and I want to know how to tax my sportsbetting winnings. 

In Germany we have to pay 5% on every bet we place but I heard that in the Netherlands you have to pay 29% on your winnings and you can also claim your losses so you only pay the difference? 


Thanks for your help :) 

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Are u a full time / pro better ? or do u bet for fun?
And what are your average winnings per month?

Depending on these things u need to pay tax or u can avoid it.

Btw: at the moment the goverment is trying to make gambling legal in Holland. This will probably be the case next year. So official its not even legal to bet on sports in Holland haha, only at TOTO.


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